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russmidlogo copyRussian Midwest Online is a non-commercial project. Our goal is to collect information about the Russian-speaking businesses and talents in the Midwest.

We are interested to hear about any type of business/hobby/interest of yours, any person that wants to be featured on the website, listing is absolutely free!

We are always looking for people to partner with to add more interesting information on the website, co-organizers of the events and such, contact Jane for details.



Russian Midwest Online is the resource devoted to connecting immigrants from Russia, Ukraine or people who have Russian background or simply interested in Russian culture.

We are helping  people find what they are looking for.

Photos and videos have been provided by Jane's Photography and Media unless otherwise stated and is prohibited to use without permission.


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As with any project commercial or not we do have costs, so fee based advertisement is available, we will also appreciate any donations sponsors willing to contribute.




Recent Interviews

Irina Carter "Lia Sophia" advisor


irina carter.avi.still001

I am originally from Moscow. When I was a little girl I did not know that jewelery existed. I had only seen it on TV. I came to America almost 13 years ago with NO money, NO self esteem and No English!! Even now my husband works at the bank and it is difficult to get by. I really needed to do something about it. I needed a solution. I always wanted my own business but could not decide what to do. I have tried cleaning houses. I have tried running a day care. Then, I met a girl from Mexico. We foreigners try to stick together. We became really good friends and she invited me to a little get together at her house. Emily Trefethen was invited too!!! All I remember that at the end we all exchanged our phone numbers and everybody looked at the Lia Sophia catalog.