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Cedar Point Amusement Park

Regularly named the best amusement park on the planet, lakefront Cedar Point boasts the world's biggest collection of rides (68) and more roller coasters (16) than any other park. Thrill-seekers love the Top Thrill Dragster, which reaches speeds of 120 mph in under 4 seconds. Camp Snoopy is an all-ages play land with its own kid-friendly coaster. New in 2006 is the $6-million Skyhawk, a giant swing ride that carries riders more than 125 feet into the air at speeds of more than 60 mph. Located in Frontiertown, Skyhawk is the tallest ride of its kind in the world. Splash Zone, a multistory interactive play area with more than 100 water gadgets, is located inside the 18-acre Soak City waterpark. Castaway Bay is a massive indoor waterpark resort that includes a wave pool and wave coaster as well as day-care and spa facilities.


German Village

German Village, the internationally recognized historic district just blocks from downtown Columbus, Ohio, has much to offer visitors. Charming restored neighborhood settles in mid-1800s by German immigrants is a trip back in time.

Natives of Germany arrived in the capital city as early as its founding in 1812, but it was only after 1830, when new transportation routes from the east facilitated travel, that a major wave of German immigration began. By the 1850s, the area just south of downtown Columbus had a distinct flavor, with school lessons and church services conducted entirely in German and with several newspapers printed in the German language to serve the community. The 233-acre district offers a glimpse of how a working-class neighborhood developed and grew in the early nineteenth century and how the passion of a small group drove the twentieth century rehabilitation efforts.


Recent Interviews

Fitness with Natalya


Are trying to get back in shape for a beach season?

Are trying to get fit for your beautiful wedding dress?

Are you ready to become a healthy/energetic/good-looking person?

If you give me a COMMITED “YES” to at least one of these questions, then I can help you to achieve your goal!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer with considerable education and experience.

I am very passionate about healthy life-style and helping people to achieve their fitness-goals.

I worked in several fitness clubs and for myself in New Orleans, LA and in Moscow, Russia.

I have a lot of references with success stories.

I’ve met many people, who would go to a gym and do the same workout routine (a bit of everything) or will do some exercises they read about in magazines or online.

They will work out on regular basis for the first 2-3 months, and then they will drop it. Why?

The main answer is: lack of results.

Don’t waste your time and be one of those people, give me a call and sign up for your first consultation and a workout (60min), and you will find out what you might have done wrong and how you can fix that.

I do gym, in-home and out-door training. You just pick a place and we negotiate time.

I will also educate you on healthy diet and provide you motivational tips to keep you on the right track to get fit and healthy.

The first consultation (15-25 min) + workout (35-45min) = $30

1hr workout = $60 (you pick a place)

1hr workout = $50 (my place)

A package of 8 training sessions (per month) = $ 450

A package of 12 training sessions (per month) = $ 650

Couple and Group training is negotiable.

Kuznetsova Natalya                                

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

AFAA Group Instructor

FPA Fitness Manager

cell 314-825-3074


skype ID nechalu